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Harrison Watersports


BBQ Boat Pricing



2.5 hour – $199

3.5 hour – $299

4.5 hour – $299


2.5 hour – $249

3.5 hour – $349

4.5 hour – $449


Enough time to get out and enjoy a BBQ

Plenty of time to relax after your meal

Ideal for those who don’t want to feel rushed

*Arrive 30 minutes before to fill out paperwork and complete safety training

*$500 damage deposit is required.

*Soft COOLERS recommended for more room.

*Max 6 people.


What’s Included:

  • BBQ grill with propane
  • Lifejackets and safety equipment
  • Bluetooth speaker sound system
  • Anchor
  • Large shade umbrella



BBQ Boat Boundaries


BBQ Boat FAQ's

Q. How many people can I fit in one boat?

6 people maximum per boat.

Q. Is food provided or do we bring our own?

You bring your own food to cook out on the lake. Easier the better, we recommend skewers. People also can order food from a local restaurant of choice and keep warm with the bbq.

Q. We have booked last minute, where can we purchase food?

Most customers with last minute reservations purchase take out from a local restaurant so it’s quick and easy. The closest grocery store is a 10-minute drive to Agassiz.

Q. What do we need to bring?

Water, food, drinks, cutlery, plates, cooler & ice, towels, Bluetooth device to connect to the speaker.

Q. What is all provided with the BBQ boat rental?

  • Lifejackets
  • Safety lesson
  • Emergency radio
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Anchor
  • Flash light, tow rope, whistle
  • BBQ and grill
  • Propane
  • Cooking utensils ie BBQ flipper, tongs, and cleaner
  • Some storage space under seats
  • Large sun umbrella
  • Pillows
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Swim ladder
  • A good time

Q. Do you have life jackets for children?

Yes, sizes infant and up.

Q. Can we reserve more than one boat as the same time?

Of course, you can rent as many boats as you need to accommodate your group.

Q. How many BBQ boats do you have?

We have 4 BBQ boats.

Q. What is your busiest time for rentals?

Evenings and weekends are our busiest times. Make sure to make reservations well in advance to prevent your preferred time slot selling out.

Q. Are holidays during the week charged the weekday rate?

No, holiday long weekends and holidays are charged the weekend rate.

Q. Is there a limit to where we can take the BBQ boat?

Yes, it is important to stay in the designated BBQ boat boundaries that is in the front bay area. Going out of the indicated boundaries is not safe as the wind in Harrison Lake can be very strong and may blow the boat further out. If found outside of the designated boundaries a $100 tow charge will be applied to the rental. Map

Q. Can we drop the anchor anywhere we like?

Yes! You are more than welcome to drop the anchor in whatever location you like best! If you wish to move on and enjoy another location you can simply pull up the anchor and move onto a different location.

Q. Are we allowed to dock or beach the boat to pick up passengers?

No. Boat docking and beaching is not allowed, you must stay in the boat until you arrive back at the marina facilities

Q. What are the fuel costs?

Unlike other boat rentals, we do not charge extra for fuel because we use green, clean, electric machines!

Q. Do we drive the bbq boat ourselves?

Yes! The boats are very simple and easy to manage, you will have the hang of it in no time!

Q. Do we need to sign a waiver?

Yes everyone going needs to sign a waiver. You must be 19+ with ID to sign for yourself. If under the age of 19 it is required to have a legal guardian present to sign the waiver.

Q. How old does the driver need to be to operate the boat?

The driver needs to be 19+ with a piece of ID.

Q. What is necessary to book a boat?

Our BBQ boats require a $500 damage deposit prior to going out.

Q. Is there any cancellations?

We have no cancellation policy, make sure you are sure before you book!

Q. Do you allow alcohol on the boats?

No, alcohol is not permitted on the vessel.

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