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Harrison Watersports Covid-19 Safety Plan

This document describes the steps we are taking and will continue to take as we address the challenges posed by COVID-19. We continue to monitor announcements by governmental and public health authorities. We will continue to adjust our operations to comply with Work Safe B.C., and Provincial Health Authorities.

Risk Assessment-

As the pandemic developed, we took steps to identify the risks in our business. Our risk assessment enabled us to identify those areas of our operations where the risk of exposure or transmission could arise. Our assessment of our activities is ongoing to ensure that we identify and take steps to manage risk.

Risk Reduction of Activities

In accordance with directions and recommendations from public health and governmental authorities and our risk assessment, we introduced measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission. These measures include:

Location Occupancy

  • Staff are required to ensure that the number of patrons is at a safe level and they are following social distancing protocols.
  • We limit our visitors at our marina to only those who are participating in HWS activities.
  • We have limited the number of people at our marine facility and the waterpark to comply with capacity limits using Provincial Heath guidelines based on allowing 5 square meters of unencumbered space for each person. The water park capacity limit is 220 people and our dock facility at the marina is 91 people at one time
  • Person limits are posted on buildings to allow for social distancing

Secondary Level of Protection:

  • HWS has installed partitioned one directional areas with 6 feet markers to distance customers while waiting in line, and installed plexiglass barriers at the office. We have established and posted occupancy limits in all common areas such as office buildings, change rooms and equipment rooms.
  • Partitions are installed at the waterpark pick up/drop off location to allow for social distancing while waiting for shuttle out to the waterpark.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • HWS provides a hand sanitize station for all customers, employees and are required to sanitize their hands before entering the facility. Hand Sanitizer is also throughout the dock facility, at the office and in other locations in the buildings.

Sanitization Protocols

  • High tough points are sanitized frequently throughout the day
  • A full sanitization of the whole facility is completed at the end of every day.
  • All lifejackets and wetsuits are sanitized after each use.
  • All rental equipment such as Sea Doo’s, Bumper Boats, BBQ Boats are sanitized frequently throughout the day
  • Waterpark is sanitized daily
  • All equipment is sanitized frequently throughout the day

Masks and Face Shields

Wearing a mask or face shield is required of all staff members at HWS.  We recommend all customers to wear a face mask or face shield while registering for their desired activity.   Signage will be posted at the entrance of to alert every person entering. All employees must acknowledge that they have received training on mask and face shield protocols.

Lifeguards and First Aid Attendants

When First Aid is required the Life Guard/First Aid Attendant will assist in guiding the person to self-administer the First Aid they require when possible. If it’s beyond their ability to self-administer the Life Guard/First Aid Attendant will assist. If social distancing cannot be maintained during First Aid, Lifeguards/First Aid Attendants must always wear single use gloves, a face mask, and a face shield. After First Aid, Lifeguards/First Aid Attendants are required to fully sanitize afterwards and dispose of their clothing used during incident and put-on new clothing. Harrison Watersports will provide all First Aid attendants with OFA protocols.

Workplace/Employee Policies

We implemented changes to our workplace operational policies including, the steps to be taken if an illness arises at the workplace, we ask all of our employees to let us know immediately if they are feeling unwell. Our employees are required to stay at home if they feel ill and to inform their supervisor if they start to feel ill while at work. The following are other measures we have implemented:

  • Every employee performs a daily health check before entering the workplace.
  • All employees are expected to wear a mask/face covering at all times during their shift except when eating, or working alone outdoors.
  • Employees must respect the 2-metre social distancing requirement
  • Employees must follow the HWS Policies and Procedure Guidelines that was outlined for them upon hiring.

Training and Communication Plans-

Communication plans and training materials were developed to ensure that everyone entering the workplace was informed of increased safety measures to keep themselves safe while in the workplace including:

  • Proper handwashing practices;
  • Informing our employees on the policies we implemented regarding staying home when they are sick;
  • Trained our managers to monitor workers and the workplace to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures;
  • Protocols for First Aid Attendant and Lifeguard guidelines when responding to an incident;
  • Guidelines for wearing masks;
  • How to disinfect all areas and items and rental equipment;
  • How to prevent the spread.

Harrison Watersports and associates will be holding a training meeting upon employment. This will inform the employees about Covid-19 and the exposure to Covid-19 in the work place.

Training and information are communicated to employees using various methods such as, meetings, safety training, signage, and our online staff information and video log. Signage on social distancing and proper hand washing is also posted in appropriate areas.

Harrison Watersports has added signage where people gather such as; the office, lifeguard buildings, and common areas. This signage is there to control how many people can be in these areas. We have also added 6-foot markers and signage to keep staff and patrons 6 feet from each other.

Job tasks that require individuals to be in close proximity to other employees and patrons are; fitting lifejackets, helping push sea-doo’s out, driving the shuttle sea-doo and helping customers that are not capable of getting off the water equipment themselves. We require all staff to use appropriate PPE in these situations and sanitize hands afterwards if required. All tools, equipment and machinery that employees share while working together such as; sea-doo, air pumps, radios, and keys must be disinfected frequently with disinfectant spray and/or wipes.

Identifying Exposure Hazards and Developing Measures to Control Exposure

Changes HWS is implementing to mitigate Covid-19


  1. Provide hand sanitizer upon entrance of the marina and throughout the business
  2. Install protective glass and six-foot line separation to allow for social distancing.
  3. Post signage for all staff and customers to remind them of the best practices for physical distancing.
  4. Changed how we will be operating certain activities and limiting the amount of people participating in the activities.
  5. Increased sanitization of the facilities and products.
  6. Provide PPE and appropriate training to staff.
  7. Posted information for our customers to refrain from visiting HWS if they have any symptoms of Covid-19.
  8. Providing staff with information regarding exposure to Covid-19, and how they should advise management if they display any symptoms, as well as, how they should get tested and not return back to work until their self-isolation is completed or test negative.
  9. All employees perform daily self-health checks before they enter the workplace. If the employees display any symptoms of Covid-19, they must advise the management and not enter the workplace. Management will follow up with who you have been in contact with during your shift, as well as, what you have used within the common areas and disinfect these surfaces. This also applies whether the employee is at work or not.
  10. Limiting the number of patrons on some of our activities to follow the provincial recommendations. A max number of customers, set by provincial health guidelines, will be allowed on the waterpark and dock facilities. We will have a staff member to monitor total numbers in these areas to follow the provinces recommendation.
  11. Additional signage to explain the following:
  • Promoting physical distancing by having everyone keep to the 6-foot rule to prevent droplets and personal contact transmission.
  • Cough and sneeze into their arms.
  • Wash their hands regularly, and refrain from touching their mouth, eyes, and nose before washing their hands.
  • There will be a max capacity of patrons in certain areas.
  • Recommend all customers to wear a face mask or face shield while registering for their desired activity.

Prohibition of Workers Who Are Sick and Those Returning from Outside Canada

Harrison Watersports and associates require all staff that are displaying symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing) to inform a manager immediately, whether or not the illness has been confirmed Covid-19.  Employees that have travelled internationally MUST quarantine for 14 days. Employees that live in the same household as an individual that has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is currently in self-isolation, or who has been exposed to an individual that has a confirmed case of Covid-19, must not come to work, they must self-isolate for 14 days and call 811 (public health line top self-isolate).

Harrison Watersports and associates require staff to be open and honest regarding any questions they may have regarding Covid 19. Harrison Watersports will provide training and orientations to all staff regarding this public safety issue. We are here to keep you and everyone safe while at work.

All of Harrison Watersports preventive measures will stay in place until we receive more information from the province, and/or Work Safe has changed their guidelines on how they would like small businesses to operate.

All staff must read and understand this document prior to employment. It is to keep staff and others safe from Covid-19 exposure. This may pertain to staff to client exposure, as well as staff to staff exposure. This safety plan is to address frontline working staff, supervisors and the worker health and safety representative.

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