Waterpark: Opens June 27, 2020
Waterpark Hours: Opens 2020.
Marina Hours: Opens May 2020

Harrison Watersports

Sea-Doo/Jet Ski

Sea-Doo rentals

There is no better way to have fun with your family and friends when you experience the excitement of a personal watercraft together. Our GTI models are equipped with 130-hp rotax engines that propel the vessel at over 90 kph across the open waters. Whether you just want to tour the natural beauty of the lake or enjoy the speed of the watercraft, Harrison Watersports Inc. offers a large riding area.

Sea-Doo Description






Weekday Special:

$85.00 per hour*

Two Hour Special:


Weekend Rate:

$95.00 per hour*

*$35 Fuel Charge/taxes not included. $1000 Damage deposit required


Drivers must be 19 years of age and present a valid driver licence. A damage deposit is required on each Sea-Doo water vessel that is rented from Harrison Watersports Inc.

Proof of Competency is required on all rental watercraft

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