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Quick Details

1 Hour Rental Driver 19+| seats 2
2 Hour Rental Driver 19+| seats 2
3 Hour Rental Driver 19+| seats 2

Explore Harrison Lake on a Jet Ski today!

Enjoy our action-packed Sea-Doo rental on beautiful Harrison Lake! Take in the scenery and experience the excitement of a personal watercraft with your family and friends.

Our GTX/GTI models are equipped with 130-hp rotax engines that propel the vessel at over 90 kph across the open waters.

Whether you just want to tour the natural beauty of the lake or enjoy the speed of the watercraft, Harrison Watersports offers a large riding area.

One Hour Sea-doo Boundaries:
We allow our one-hour rentals a 25km square area. All seadoo’s must stay in front of Echo Island, where we can visibly see them. Docking or Beaching is prohibited.

2 or 3 Hour Sea-doo Boundaries (recommended):
The riding area is anywhere in front of Echo Island, around Echo Island, and Into Cascade bay which is on the right-hand side of the lake. Docking or Beaching is prohibited.


  • Drivers must be 19 years of age and present a valid driver’s licence.
  • $1000 damage deposit is required prior to rental per vessel. We accept pre-authorized damage deposits on a credit card or cash deposits. Credit deposits must match photo ID. Pre-authorized deposits auto-release through your bank (dependent on your financial institution, times vary).
  • $40.00 Fuel Charge/taxes not included. 
  • PLEASE arrive 1 hour early before reservation time. Customers must fill out and sign rental agreements and release of liability forms. Fitting of wetsuits, lifejackets and a safety orientation will be completed.
  • Please see the link below for the release of liability form, it is very important to read this form before your booking. Liability Waiver
  • NOTE: For your safety we may deem it mandatory for you to wear a wetsuit. MAX WEIGHT PER SEADOO 450 POUNDS.