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  • Thrill!


Quick Details

1 Hour Driver 19+| seats 2
2 Hour (Great value) Driver 19+| seats 2
3 Hour (Best value) Driver 19+| seats 2


Explore Harrison Lake on a Jet Ski today!

Enjoy our action-packed Sea-Doo rental on beautiful Harrison Lake! Take in the scenery and experience the excitement of a personal watercraft with your family and friends.

Our GTX/GTI models are equipped with 130-hp Rotax engines that propel the vessel at over 90 kph across the open waters.

One Hour Sea-doo Boundaries:
We allow our one-hour rentals a 25km square area. All seadoo’s must stay in front of Echo Island, where we can visibly see them. Docking or Beaching is prohibited.

2 or 3 Hour Sea-doo Boundaries (recommended):
The riding area is anywhere in front of Echo Island, around Echo Island, and Into Cascade bay which is on the right-hand side of the lake. Docking or Beaching is prohibited.


  • Digital waivers MUST be submitted prior to arrival. ( link will be emailed after completion of booking)
  • Drivers must be 19 years of age and present a valid driver’s licence.
  • $1000 damage deposit is required prior to rental per vessel. We accept pre-authorized damage deposits on a credit card or cash deposits. Credit deposits must match photo ID. Pre-authorized deposits auto-release through your bank (dependent on your financial institution, times vary).
  • $40.00 Fuel Charge/taxes not included. 
  • PLEASE arrive 1 hour early before reservation time. Customers must fill out and sign rental agreements and release of liability forms. Fitting of wetsuits, lifejackets and a safety orientation will be completed.
  • Please see the link below for the release of liability form, it is very important to read this form before your booking. Liability Waiver
  • NOTE: For your safety we may deem it mandatory for you to wear a wetsuit. MAX WEIGHT PER SEADOO 450 POUNDS