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Release of Liability will be required for all users participating in Harrison Water Sports Inc. Activities

Although we make every effort to ensure your safety, we do not assume responsibility for your safety or loss of personal equipment. In a sport of this nature an element of risk is inherent and beyond human control, and one must always be aware of the risk of drowning or injury in all activities that Harrison Water Sports provides.


At Harrison Water Sports safety is our concern; therefore Renters who do not comply with the rules or who play or operate the Water Craft in an unsafe manner will loose their rental privileges without refund. Failure to abide by the following safety rules and the safe boaters rules and regulations could result in ticketing and fines or the full loss of the security damage deposit being withheld.

Rental Conditions

All renters will be required to sign a release of liability and complete our rental agreement form prior to operating a Water Craft. All renters who wish to be in control of the Water Craft must hold a valid drivers license and complete the water vessel orientation (proof of competency) prior to taking control of the Water Craft. All operators must comply with the Canadian Coast Guard Rules and Regulations on the water or be subjected to criminal charges and fines. All passengers will be required to sign a waiver release of liability and indemnification agreement prior to boarding the Water Craft. All renters must present their valid driver’s license and be 19 years of age to operate our Water Craft.

Rental Fee and Security Deposit

Both the rental fee and the security deposit must be paid for in advance in full by, Cash, Visa, or MasterCard before the Water Craft leaves the dock. A $1,000.00 security deposit is required on all Sea-Doo Water Craft prior to departure. This applies to any outstanding charges in damages or lost inventory, late returns, excessively unclean Water Craft, or damages resulting from operation of the Water Craft by the rental group. Since the security deposit is a down payment only on damage to the water vessel or equipment loss, we only rent to financially responsible adults only.


No refunds will be made due to poor weather or if the rental is brought back ahead of schedule.

Right to Refusal

Harrison Water Sports Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental to any individual or group who we feel apprehensive in releasing control of our equipment or who could endanger the safety of others. Safety is our first concern and that our products will be safely operated.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted prior to any rental or allowed on board our Water Crafts. Prior alcohol consumption by any patron will revoke their rental privileges on all activities Harrison Water Sports Inc. provides.


By making an online reservation with HWS, you expressly acknowledge that:
(i) HWS will send you an e-mail(s) with such reservation and other related information
(ii) HWS can use any pictures and/or videos captured for social media purposes.